11Dimensions | Management

Oliver Allenbacher

Managing Director and associate of 11 Dimensions GmbH in Germany. CEO and partner of 11 Dimensions Kenya Inc.
Management of marketing and consulting.

Founder of the company and experience of coaching, IT from the ancient world to state to the art technology, maybe talents in organizing.

In 1983 he invented a text editor with hyphenation.
After 8 years of freelance work in the IT area he founded the consulting company 11 Dimensions GmbH. In 2009 he and Abdallah Kassim and Shamsa Kassim founded the branch 11 Dimensions Kenya Inc. in Nairobi.

Abdallah Kassim and Shamsa Kassim

Abdallah Kassim is COO and project manager, whereas Shamsa Kassim is CFO of the company.


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