Services | Analysis

With analysis services we offer services in the field of:

  • Feasibility studies

  • Business analysis

  • Workflow analysis

  • Performance analysis and optimization

Why do we need analysis at all?

Generally we undertake analysis to decide if a goal can be reached, if it is profitable, how it can be reached, how to save costs and avoid waste, deliver on time and improve services. In short giving answers to “if “and “how” questions.

1. Feasibility studies
Here we can determine a project’s viability and document this.
Based on our findings we can make decisions and choices about the project – to improve, change or even reject. We become aware of alternatives and know which kind of technology and resources are needed to succeed.

2 Business analysis
BA helps to understand and improve the activities, functions and data of an organization. Its goals are far-fetched like saving costs, improving customer support, reducing waste (e.g. unnecessary work), improving efficiency, determining and documenting the business requirements.

BA is sometimes a bit similar to project management but project management puts more emphasis on controlling and management of a project while BA does more on understanding and determination.

3. Business workflow analysis helps to streamline, automate and improve business procedures and processes. The main goal is to improve the performance of processes.
And we are just business accelerators.

4. Performance analysis is the investigation of run-time information of a system in order to optimize it from a technical point of view. The performance engineering process uses instruments like profilers to collect data whether linear, event or statistically based.

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