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Some issues need a different approach than just providing expert opinions.
"The Problem is never the problem" quoted by the Managing Director Oliver Allenbacher once in 2000. With almost 20 years of IT experience inclusive coaching, training and expertise, he meant that the blocking points of projects are almost always from wrong information received and not the technology.
To understand this process, we know what to do in situations where “the problem is not the problem”.

In many projects problems occur only because they are recognized too late or not at all. This is true especially when it comes to interpersonal area. When people work together, there is no escape from one another. The interpersonal area and communication are so crucial for the success of projects and even in companies, this should not be taken lightly. We aim to improve all this for the better.
We are conscious of the mechanisms and characteristics of these problems and strive to make it more successful.

Together with our partner "Exzellent Leben" (Excellent life) we offer a coaching within and without an IT project. By the way, "Exzellent Leben" (Excellent life) is truly an expert in the field.

Areas of coaching:

  • Individual and personal coaching

  • Team coaching

  • Mediation

  • Communication and conflict management

  • International communication

Intercultural communication: In the world of today the chances that a company trades customers on international levels are almost 95% and the importance of international communication is crucial.

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