11Dimensions | Partner program.

Partner program 11 dimensions the opportunity company

There are further opportunities which we would like to share with you (yes everybody) and give out fair shares to anyone helping us. We will give a reward to anyone providing quality leads. 

The four possible ways of getting commission are: 

1.     Create links from your webpage to www.11dimensions.com and you will get 10% of the turnover when a sale is done.

2.      You sell one of our products or a product related lead and you will directly get 10% commission.

3.      Acting as an agent on our behalf. Any successful lead will result in your negotiable commission

4.      Any new idea for a marketable product or service we can provide is welcomed and will be rewarded.

If you are interested in any partner program activity please contact us either by our contact form or directly call us.

We will give you more information or even training especially if you opt for point 3.

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