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International Communication

Due to the Globalization factor whereby international trade is almost as high as 95%, international communication has become essential to almost all companies.

System Integration

System integration involves integrating existing (often disparate) subsystems which will have interfaces. System integration is also about value-adding to the system, capabilities that are possible because of interactions between subsystems.

As system integrators we add functionality and value to the system.


The often unspoken goal of innovation is solving a problem.

Innovations are intended to make things better, and the succession of many innovations adds growth to the whole economy. This means: changes to products, processes or services and can also imply alternative strategies, synergy or joint strategy.

Our business solves problems.


Competence grows through expertise and the ability to learn and adapt.

Together with our expertise we emphasize on teamwork and qualification in multiple fields of our team members to achieve a higher competence level.

Quality and Customer satisfaction

Quality is the degree to which a product or service meets the customer's expectations
Customer satisfaction correlates with behaviours such as returns and recommend actions.

Therefore, we like to offer services to customers who appreciate quality.

East Africa

The following countries fall under East Africa at the moment for us:
Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda and Ethiopia.

Because we see the ICT development potential as excellent in the next decade and we think we can make a positive contribution to this regional market which is important to focus on currently.

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