Philosophy | Mission, visions & goals


First of all, we do not wish to have statements like “the client’s success is our success” or “we improve our quality” etc. in this section from the year 2008. The reason is: all these might be commendable statements but it is just not big enough to be a mission, a vision or even a goal.

Thus, it is high time to shape a mission statement:


Simply the best.


Enable Leadership – management - synergy

East Africa is a place of tomorrow’s opportunities. We will provide a plan to gain them a sustainable advantage and benefit. Our vision is to make a positive difference in people’s life.


Strategic intent:
A strategic intent is the vision what you want to achieve in the long term.

Very often customers define themselves by what they do not want or cannot do.
That is why we can fill the gap, we can enable them, we deliver services and we will become better experts and the customer’s first choice.

To increase the company’s market share and target markets, services and products in the area of logistics and project management.

To become the experts in the East African IT market for Germany and experts in East Africa for the German IT market.

To apply our good organizational expertise and cultural awareness

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