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Change the application data in your database systems with ease and security while maintain flexibility.

  • Improves your security with logging and undo functions
  • Increases efficiency and flexibility
  • Saves your time with centralized instead of distributed execution
  • Reduces costs with security and repair mechanism
  • Provides proven performance and reliability

11Dimensions SQLExecute is one of the leading SQL execution tool on the market which automatically logs the processed statements and creates their undo statements in a multi-database environment.


  • Connections to multiple database systems even with different vendors possible. This feature also saves the effort of running your queries distributed and manage connections yourself. Organizations who have implemented it have achieved 30% to 50% greater productivity compared to alternative technologies.
  • Automated logs are created which enable to identify the content of your query and timeframe.
  • Automated creation of undo statements which you can use to revert your queries partly or fully.
  • Scheduled execution is of course possible.
  • Provides proven performance and reliability. SQL Execute facilities the best possible query technology.

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