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(Formerly known as CESMA):

Construction kit for development of web applications

š       Manage company’s business
Available at different locations all the time
Available wherever you are
Full functionality

In the modern market is increasingly demand of having access to and being able to change enterprise data at different places which could include foreign countries as well. Examples are the connections between subsidiaries and partners, representatives, also clients or branch offices. Further, these can have different client environments like Windows, Linux, MacOS or UNIX. Additionally, there is a demand to unify and to create interfaces to standard software products for the previous applications which were not able to communicate with each other.

It makes sense to meet those requirements because it helps companies to save enormous costs and to open up possibilities which did not exist before.

Therefore, enterprises will achieve a competitive advantage with this technology.

It is easy to build your ERP systems with the help of this construction kit and works together well with AIS the interface for a heterogeneous system environment.

Some features of WebDB:

OS: Windows, Linux, UNIX, MacOS


Client/server architecture with object relational database

Internet capable

Interfaces to ODBC, JDBC, TAPI, Fax, IMap, TCP, Palm, MSExcel, ASCII, XML, Application Integration Server (AIS)

Web GUI instead of additional application servers or Citrix

Functionalities easy to build:

Data pool: Accounts, orders, invoices, audit trails, production logs, transit entries, time sheets, addresses

Processing: Report editor, Data pool editor, statistics

Exports: lists, diagrams, exports to other systems like address management, project calculation or resource planning

Typical steps that come up within this area of work:

Analysis and understanding of enterprise data and business processes
Transfer to a data structure (data base) and programs
Implementation of the system
build Your WebDB
Introduction and training

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