11Dimensions | It takes only 11Dimensions to explain IT.

Solutions in all dimensions.

Many years of experience in IT and business enable us to offer exclusive services in Process and Management Consulting as well as Project Management. Many projects have enabled us to become experts in fire fighting even.

11Dimensions is more than just a consulting company which designs, develops and integrates systems, software and migration projects ... more

And of course, we offer products for enterprise data (data management, data cleansing and data warehousing) like SQLExecute as well as system integration like Application Integration Server. Our other main focus is the web and database development in a Client/Server or legacy environment. 

For further information please look up in our “products” section ... more

Building businesses

To understand business you need interest and perseverance and to reach your business goals you need the former and trust.

From our experience with different industries our interest is built on professionell knowledge ... more

Many modern and good performing especially medium-sized companies have the need of integrating their several single solutions. We are the experts from Architecture Consulting to System Integration ... more

Values like honesty and sticking to the budget are important to us and we love that our clients can trust us.

Building technology 

We are experts in Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) like Tibco Businessworks and Service Orientated Architecture (SOA),

modern and legacy operating systems like UNIX, Linux, Windows, VMS and MVS,

database systems like Oracle, Sybase, DB/2, SQL Server, IMS, Access and MySQL,

program languages like C, C++, C#, Java, ShellScripts, Perl, PHP, VBA, PL/1, PL/SQL, T-SQL

we do understand your needs and expectations even if it should be analyzed and realized in a highly heterogeneous environment in technology ... more

Building communication and markets

Our world of business and technology is growing and changing everyday at a drastic pace. Therefore we take this as a challenge in shaping this process in order to gain control and be at par with the change. Thus we strive to be the best when it comes to communication on international level. We regard highly our social skills as well as ethics of our team members. We are aware of the challenges to expect which we take heed on as opportunities. 

We want to position ourselves in the emerging East African ICT market. In fact we are the first IT consulting company based in Germany and one of the first German IT company to open a branch in Nairobi.

We know that the “problem” is never the problem.

Our experience has taught us to look beyond these “problems”.

We know the necessity of coaching and we work together with the best experts in the field to succeed in our future projects. We truly can add further dimensions. ... more

We would like to meet you (and your expectations). Why? Green Computing

Because we would like to reduce your costs, help you to speed up and be more effective, more successful and more creative, increase your revenue, create new opportunities and enable your choices.  ... more

š       it just takes 11 dimensions to explain IT. It just takes 11 dimensions to understand IT too.

Because it is an important and aspiring challenge helping saving the environment, decreasing the pollution and CO2 emmissions, saving energy and in the end also costs.  ... more


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